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5 Awesome features of qbo

A lot has happened since our previous update on QuickBooks Online Advanced. Since its introduction in 2018, Advanced has helped accountants serve high-value consumers with its distinctive features, Priority Circle membership-based premium customer care, and capacity for up to 25 individuals with full and simultaneous access.

Advanced is more powerful now, with many new features and productivity tools accessible, and it can assist your sophisticated, fast-increasing clients to flourish.

#1 Attachments

Quickbooks has a feature that allows you to attach files to every transaction. These attachments can also be used to add customers and businesses. Receipts, contracts, POs, customer feedback, and anything else you need to keep a record of are examples of attachments. To use, simply click "Add Attachment" when in the edit screen. Then, Quickbooks improved the attachments function by incorporating a feature that keeps a list of all your attachments so you can easily find them when you need them. Simply look in the Settings Gear Icon for the Attachments icon. fantastic, yes?

#2, recent transactions

Consider concluding a sale if you discover that you need to adjust it when handling your books. Or you may have accidentally pressed Save and Close before entering all the data. You are covered with QuickBooks. Without having to wade through all the choices, you may see your most recent transactions from a quick list. Without this shortcut menu, you would have to go to the customer service Centre, scroll to identify the client, retrieve the required invoice, and then return to that window. You may quickly click to find that invoice again with the help of this menu. It only appears when you pick the "Magnifying Glass" menu from the top-right menu bar. When you click the magnifying glass, a search bar and a list of your most recent transactions will appear. You may rapidly find what you need from here without having to make several clicks.

#3: Useful keyboard shortcuts

Quickbooks Online has a comprehensive set of keyboard shortcuts to increase efficiency. So, rather than using the mouse to access the new invoice menu or save a transaction, you may save time by using keyboard shortcuts. The shortcut for accessing the menu is Ctrl + Alt +?

#4: Transactions That Recur

Do you send the same invoice to your customers every month? or you get the same invoice from your vendors every month? Why do you have to type them in over and again? Using Quickbooks Online's Recurring feature, you can quickly arrange a transaction to recur, and the application will handle the rest.

This option is accessible via the Settings Gear Icon > Recurring Transactions.

#5: there is

You are already aware of the different business software options that work well with Quickbooks Online. Did you know that Intuit registered the domain to host the various software options that synchronize directly with Quickbooks Online?

By going to and looking for it, you may quickly determine whether a piece of software you need to use directly interacts with Quickbooks Online. You can read reviews, watch product demonstrations, and even find out how much something costs.

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