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5 Awesome features of XERO


Automation can be compared to the strength of your company or profession. Utilizing features and functions that handle all of those minor daily tasks allows the mind to concentrate on the greater picture.

Xero, wants every client to say goodbye to tedious data input and welcome improved productivity and simplicity. To that end, it has developed a portfolio of automatic tools that are intended to make every aspect of a user's workflow easier to manage.

Here are 5 awesome features of XERO.

Access your Data Anytime Anywhere

You may use Xero on any device, including a computer, phone, or tablet. The program is feature-rich and lets you check your bank, do a reconciliation, send clients bills, and more. You can also take a picture of your receipt when you register your costs, eliminating the need for additional receipt tracking apps. These capabilities are available in QuickBooks Online, but it takes them some time to come up. These capabilities are more powerful and run more smoothly and intuitively in Xero.

Strong, precise bank reconciliation

Xero's ultimate objective is to open your reconciliations screen and also have a reliable and timely general ledger with the least amount of information necessary. This has been greatly advanced by the steps we've taken to automate how simple and effective reconciling is. Xero stated last year that we would be developing a machine learning approach to support bank reconciliation calculations, enabling us to precisely forecast the client and account codes for all operations.

Daily automated bank feeds

The ability to connect your bank account to the Xero program is a huge benefit. A business owner can use this function to set up a bank feed that updates and imports your bank statements to Xero Software automatically.

Because payments are immediately matched with purchases thanks to these daily bank feeds, less time and money is spent on bookkeeping. Again, there are risks associated with technology. Reconciling your Xero bank balances with your bank account each month is a good habit. Occasionally, Xero might miss one or two transactions!

No cost product updates

Another fantastic feature of the Xero program is that once an update is released, it is promptly delivered to all users without requiring you to wait for your PC to download, install, and then restart it. When it comes to the Xero accounting software, new product upgrades are routinely released and are already installed when you log in.

Simple invoicing:

Personalize pre-made templates with your logo and company information or design a unique invoice; then control the entire process from a single location. Users can pay with credit/debit cards or even PayPal, and if the invoice is past due, you can set up an auto-payment notice to be sent out on your selected date. If you're frequently out of the office, the program can make replicas of invoices, issue bulk receipts, and perhaps even store typical billing data to accelerate the process. One could do all that from a smartphone.

These are our favorite features of XERO. Tell us yours in the comments.


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