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How To Grow Your Bookkeeping Business

Finding new clients is undoubtedly one of your top priorities while running a business. This is a part of running a business that can seem time-consuming and expensive, not to mention one of the things that get put last when you're trying to find time for activities that generate income. The majority of the time, bookkeepers and accountants are excellent at their jobs but not so good at pitching their services to others.

Here are top tips to grow your bookkeeping business:

Personal networking

Never undervalue the effectiveness of face-to-face networking. Building strategic partnerships are the most important aspect of marketing your brand, despite the fact that it may appear like a time-consuming endeavour. Not only you should seek out new clients during networking events, but you should also do so to meet other business owners who could serve as excellent sources of ongoing referrals to your ideal clients.

Internet networking

Online forums and communities are expected to play a significant role in establishing connections with other bookkeepers. These offer fantastic chances to develop relationships, pick the brains of others, and improve referral possibilities.

Before you devote too much time to social networking, take into account your target demographic. For instance, if you want to reach company owners, LinkedIn is more likely to be successful than Facebook in helping you advertise your services. Join groups and participate in the conversations. Once you're comfortable asking questions and publishing blogs, create your own threads.

Speak as a guest speaker

Consider presenting material in person or via video if writing isn't your strong suit. Offer to speak on a topic at conferences or events for the industry. Building up the experience necessary to be tapped for larger events may take some time. You can develop presentation confidence by beginning small.

Hosting your own webinar is another option to gain experience as a guest speaker. You may share user information with both present and potential clients by contacting the people on your email list.

Explore job boards

The professional market of today is expanding, especially in terms of distant employment opportunities. It's not always necessary to live in the same area to work for a company. To find bookkeeping clients, explore work websites for advertisements placed throughout the nation.

Post testimonials

Don't limit yourself to other experts when considering how to gain bookkeeping clients through referrals. Request testimonials from your present clients. To share these opinions, you can establish a testimonials page on your website. It will also work to request reviews from customers on listing websites.


Even the busiest business owners may set aside time each week for marketing activities. What comes next, then, after learning how to get bookkeeping clients using a variety of marketing strategies? These pointers are only the start.


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